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Battle of Williamsburg Photo credits

In Podcast #15 the Virginia Trekkers (minus Brad) go to a Civil War battle reenactment at Endview Plantation in Newport News.  Learn about how horses were used in the Civil War and watch a real calvary charge; find out how southern women used clothing to mourn for their dead loved ones; meet Stinky, the Confederate camp cook and other Confederate officers; finally watch Civil War soldiers perform drills and then fight with real guns and cannons!  Come on, let’s go trekkin’!

Both the Union and Confederate sides claimed to win the Battle of Williamsburg.   Neither side advanced, but they both viewed that as a victory because neither of them had goals to advance.  The Union army wanted to keep their ground near Williamsburg (which they did), and the Confederates wanted to delay the Union advance to allow reinforcements to get to Richmond (which they did as well).  So you see?  Sometimes both sides CAN win!  Endview Plantation hosts several different Civil War battle reenactments, not just the Battle of Williamsburg.  Here’s a painting of the Battle of Williamsburg which occurred on May 5, 1862.

SOL Correlation:

VS.7 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the issues that divided our nation and led to the Civil War by

  1. a)identifying the events and differences between northern and southern states that divided Virginians and led to secession, war, and the creation of West Virginia;

  2. b)describing Virginia’s role in the war, including identifying major battles that took place in Virginia.

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