In this podcast we talked about a lot of different science and social studies facts.  So here’s a fun way to review. Click on an activity above to review what you learned about the water cycle, nonvascular plants, Virginia apples, states of matter, erosion and weathering, and the industries and resources of the Blue Ridge Mountain region.

SOL Correlation:

VS.10 The student will demonstrate knowledge of government, geography, and economics by

  1. b)describing the major products and industries of Virginia’s five geographic regions;


K.5 The student will investigate and understand that water flows and has properties that can be observed and tested.  Key concepts include

  1. a)water occurs in different states (solid, liquid, gas);

2.3 The student will investigate and understand basic properties of solids, liquids, and gases.  Key concepts include

b) processes involved with changes in matter from one state to another (condensation, evaporation, melting, and freezing).

3.9 The student will investigate and understand the water cycle and its relationship to life on Earth.  Key concepts include

the energy from the sun drives the water cycle;

processes involved in the water cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation);

5.5 The student will investigate and understand that organisms are made of cells and have distinguishing characteristics. Key concepts include

vascular and nonvascular plants;