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The Glen Allen School started out in 1886 in the home of a teacher named Elizabeth Holladay (Holladay Elementary is named after her).  As more students came, they moved into a one-room school house on Mountain Road that no longer exists.  In 1911, the two-story school featured in this video, was built for 1st - 7th grades.  Over the years, more rooms and classes were added onto the school.  In the 1930s the gymnasium and auditorium were built.   From 1942 - 1951 it was a high school, then it went back to being an elementary school from 1951 - 1978.  It closed in 1978, but was remodeled and reopened in 1999 as the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center.  Now you can attend art classes and workshops as well as enjoy plays and other performances here.  The new Glen Allen Elementary School is on part of the land that belonged to the Forest Lodge.

Updated 9/4/2011