In Podcast #3 the Virginia Trekkers take you to the first and oldest church in Richmond.  Come see where Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” speech; learn which signer of the Declaration of Independence is buried here; see the grave site of Edgar Allan Poe’s mother; hear Alfonso give his recitation of Patrick Henry’s speech from memory; and find out what’s the state flower of Virginia.  Come on, let’s go trekkin’!

Virginia is one of only two states to have the same plant for its state flower and state tree.  Do you know what the other one is?  (The answer is at the bottom if you can read upside down and backwards).   The flowering dogwood was chosen because it is native to North America, it is found throughout Virginia, and it’s beauty inspires pride in our state.

Problems viewing the video?  Watch it on Vimeo or download it (QuickTime 99 MB) 5:03

SOL Correlation:

VS.5b The student will demonstrate knowledge of the role of Virginia in the American Revolution by

b) identifying the various roles played by Virginians in the Revolutionary War era, with emphasis on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry;

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