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The Gulf Stream Current comes the closest to Jupiter, FL than anywhere in the United States.  The Gulf Stream also brings many refugees to the United States from Cuba and Haiti.  Some people have built rafts and floated in the Gulf Stream until they reach the coast of Florida.  These people are willing to risk their lives to escape their governments.  Look at the pictures below of some of the rafts that have made it to the coast of Florida.


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In this Solo podcast, Frank takes you his old hometown of Jupiter, Florida in the southeast region of the United States.  Learn more about the coastal plains region, the Gulf Stream, the Jupiter Inlet, and tides; find out how the Jupiter Lighthouse has a Civil War connection; and discover how lighthouse lenses reflect light. Come on, let’s go trekkin’!

SOL Correlation:

SE1.1 The student will demonstrate and develop skills for historical and geographical analysis; make connections between the past and the present; analyze/interpret maps to explain relationships among landforms, water features, climatic characteristics, and historical events; and distinguish between parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude.

SE1.2b The student will use maps, globes, photographs, pictures, or tables to locate and describe the location of the Southeast geographic region of the United States: Coastal Plain and Appalachian Mountain System.

SE1.2c The student will use maps, globes, photographs, pictures, or tables to locate and identify the land features, water features, and climate important to the early history of the Southeast region of the United States: Mississippi River, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico.